Aloha From Paradise

Beach1By David Duran

The last time I was in Hawaii was when I was fresh out of high school. My parents had bribed me to successfully graduate with a once in a lifetime trip to Honolulu for a friend and myself. I had traveled a bit before, but this was my first big trip with no adult supervision. I remember exploring Oahu and being fascinated by the culture and beauty found on the island. We stayed in a basic hotel in Waikiki and did the obligatory tourist excursions. For a first time visitor of 18 years old, that was exciting. Flash forward
15 years to my return trip to the Hawaiian Islands where I now was a more seasoned traveler and explorer, and when staying put on one island, in one hotel, would just not be sufficient to satisfy my traveling needs.

Having had taken a Un-Cruise Adventure in Alaska last year, I knew they would be the right partner to indulge my Hawaiian curiosities. The company prides itself in offering a different type of cruising option for those who just want some more personal attention on a cruise, as well as for those who don’t want to be stuck on a massive ship with thousands of other guests. The Hawaii Un-Cruise I opted for was a 7 night outdoor adventure
based, 36-passenger luxury yacht cruise, something radically different from the larger cruise ships.

When I boarded the yacht, I literally dropped my bags and hugged a familiar face. The awesome thing about Un-Cruise is that they are a smaller company, and employees often work multiple destinations in one year. Seeing Darcy, one of the amazing crew from my Alaska cruise, ensured me I was in for a treat! The best part was, she knew exactly who I was and welcomed me on board, making me automatically feel special. To my surprise, Darcy wasn’t the only familiar face. Lisa, another steward from Alaska was also there to keep me laughing and entertain me, as well as Paul, the wellness instructor who kept me wanting more massages on the last cruise. Paul was really a highlight to see because the
fact that the small yacht offers yoga and massages on board is impressive. Also, he’s not too bad to look at. Waking up early to start the day with a little yoga while watching the sunrise and see some whales breech was beyond anything I could ever imagine. It’s an energizing way to start each day while on the cruise.

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