It’s Not A Cruise…

There’s nothing wrong with cruises. I mean, we all love to take them. They are massive ships with everything you could want onboard. The problem is, sometimes you feel like a small fish in a ginormous ocean when on a standard cruise. Having to fight over people to sign up for activities, long buffet lines and traffic in the hallways back to your room which you can never seem to find. Cruise ships nowadays have so many options for destinations and when herded on these monstrous ships, you don’t really know who is on there with you and why they chose to take your cruise. Some are there for the adventure; some for the destination, and some are just there to indulge in their inner gluttonous beasts.
For those wanting to experience the open water and the most important amenities of a cruise, mixed in with adventure and activities, there’s an option in the form of Un-Cruise Adventures. With smaller luxury yachts and maximum guest numbers capping at 86, this different type of cruise might be your best bet. The company offers a variety of small ship adventures in many destinations including Hawaii, Mexico and Alaska. These trips come standard with the basics; food, comfortable rooms and enough staff to attend to all your needs, but what you will most get from an un-cruise is the action packed custom day agendas.

One of the signature voyages for Un-Cruise is an amazing 7 night luxury cruise in South East Alaska spending two magical days in Glacier Bay National Park – something that the big cruises just can’t do. Embarking in Juneau, the quaint capital of Alaska, mostly still in existence due to the daily cruise ships coming and leaving. Bring your wallet; Juneau takes full advantage of unexpected cruisers coming in for the day. During the trip, stop at Ford’s Terror and Endicott Arm– a pristine tidal inlet and fjord. Guests can discover the fjord by kayak or skiff and view ice-covered mountains above a beautiful glacier. Watch for wildlife when passing by Frederick Sound and Stephen’s Passage- an excellent place to view humpback whales and other marine wildlife.

Read the full article: Connextions Magazine issue #12: The Travel Issue – page 10

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