The Honeymoon Capital of the World – Niagara Falls – Bring on the Same-Sex Weddings

Niagara Falls

Why get married and honeymoon in Niagara Falls?  The reasons are endless!

Niagara Falls has long been self-proclaimed as the honeymoon capital of the world.  One of the locals, Historian Paul Gromosiak will gladly tell you the many stories of the history of his home town, along with movies and songs that portray the beauty of the falls and its romantic charm.

During our visit to the Niagara region, we had the opportunity to sit with Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster.  I was elated to learn just how gay-friendly and welcoming, this city is.
We also met with some local business owners who are also in favor of the newly passed same-sex marriage law in New York State.  Not only because their businesses have increased in sales, but because the attitude of the locals are all in favor of human rights and equality for all.

The endless reasons to marry at the falls, along with a shocking conversation with the Mayor, are all detailed in Connextions Magazine Issue 9.

Paul Gromosiak is also an author of over 10 books relating the Niagara Falls.  Including “Seeing Niagara: The 10 Best Ways to Experience the Falls”  Click here for a look at all his works.

To see more photos from this adventure, click here.


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