Howard Johnson Oceanfront Plaza in Ocean City, Maryland on 12th Street

HoJo Ocean City

Howard Johnson Ocean Front Plaza in Ocean City, Maryland offers reasonable rates and 5-star customer service, as long as you stay at the 12th Street location.

We rolled into Ocean City at 9am, after an 8-hour drive.  Exhausted and anxious to get out of the vehicle, we couldn’t wait to arrive in the hotel parking lot and give the car a rest.  With plans to grab a blanket and nap on the beach until hotel check-in, we were bummed when the rain drops started falling.

With limited options, we chose to lay the front seats back, cover up with a comfy sweatshirt, and call it a day.

Traveling for business isn’t always as glamorous as you may think.  Sleeping in the car on a warm summer day in August, was a walk-in-the-park compared to our trip to New Hampshire in the dead of winter.  We wanted sunrise pictures on Hampton Beach but arrived a few hours too early.  Imagine trying to nap in an uncomfortable jeep, surrounded by intensely cold ocean air.

With just a couple hours until check-in, we decided to make our way into the hotel and let them know we had arrived.  As we entered the very small lobby and waited in line to speak with the front desk, we listened as customers complained about the dirty rooms and bad service.

When the front desk associate couldn’t find our reservation, we were overjoyed!  Apparently we had been sleeping in the wrong parking lot.  We were on 24th Street, but our reservations were for the same hotel chain, only on 12th Street.

Comparing the difference between the Howard Johnson on 12th Street and the one on 24th Street is like going from Kansas to Oz!  Everything from the large, open, light-filled lobby, to the welcoming smiles of everyone at the front desk was enough of a gift to let us know we had found the accommodations we always look for during our travels.

For more details on our hotel stay, along with our incredible 3-days in Ocean City, read Connextions Magazine Issue 9.

Many thanks to General Manager Mary Susan Jones and her staff for all the smiles and outstanding hospitality!  and for the record, we never announced that we were traveling for business… the outstanding hospitality is honest!

To see all the pictures from this trip, click to:


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