Like to Travel and You Are on a Budget? Then Travel Lite!

Connextions MagIssue 19-Coverazine Issue #19: “Travel Lite” provides you with resources to create your perfect LGBTQ trips even when on a budget! In this issue, we take you on a gay journey to places like New Orleans and Las Vegas, where the parties never stop. We also take you on a budget-friendly European adventure through Barcelona and London. Walk through Las Ramblas, and take a ride on the London Eye, all are at your fingertips and your wallet will thank you with the “15 Vacation on a Budget Tips!” Our LGBT Family takes you on an eco-friendly and completely unplugged trip to the Poconos. Photographer Steven Rosen uses his camera to capture your passion and has photographed tons of same-sex couples. Dalton Maldonado, a Kentucky high school gay basketball player who was pushed to come out sits down with us in New York for an in-depth interview and photo shoot.

Read Issue #19: Travel Lite


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