LGBT Lifestyle and Travel Magazine Celebrates 5 Years of Publishing with New Logo, New Website and New Issue

Love Around the World
Love Around the World

New York based Connextions Magazine, the Travel and Lifestyle Magazine for LGBT Traveler is pleased to announce a whole new look, including logo, website and branding, to commemorate 5 years of being the trusted source for the LGBT traveler. The magazine, with over 300,000 readers in 76 countries including: USA, Canada, Brazil, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Taiwan & Austria, recently requested love stories from the readers to feature in the February issue, which is appropriately titled: Love Around the World. Issue #17: Love Around the World, features the stories of 5 couples in 4 different countries.

Their stories tell tales of love, dating, romance, proposals, marriage and honeymoon and how the different countries played an important role. In these stories, the locations act as witnesses of their love. For example, a couple in New York City shares their engagement story. When Tony asked Xio for his hand in marriage, he first sent him on an all day scavenger hunt around New York City “gathering memories” of their relationship. At the end, when Xio arrives at the final destination, Tony is there with a group of friends and strangers and after an impromptu performance of Elton John’s “This is Your Song,” he pops the question.

The LGBT travel and lifestyle publication, which caters to the entire gay and gay friendly community, is now available on their website (, and can also be read via the Connextions Magazine’s Apple and Droid apps, which can be downloaded for free. Editor-In-Chief, Manny Velasquez-Paredes (MVP), says about the magazine, “We cater to the entire scope of our community. We have articles that are specifically related to gay or lesbian travel, bisexual news, transgender resources, and we even feature LGBT Family Travel, which is a section that is very dear to me, because it is the one I am in charge of writing.” As a Gay Dad, MVP knows what is like to travel with kids and knows that some of the issues LGBT parents face are far different than their hetero counterparts.

Picture by Braden Summers
Picture by Braden Summers

This issue also features and exclusive interview with Photographer Braden Summers, who created a project titled “All Love Is Equal,” where same-sex couples are featured in iconic cities, such as Rio de Janeiro, Bali, Beirut, India, Paris, London and more. Braden says about All Love Is Equal, “it is a photographic series that challenges the social construct of ‘iconic romance.’ It is about looking at the iconic images of romance in advertising and movie stills and realizing that very few depict same-gender loving couples.”

In the last five years, Connextions Magazine has celebrated dramatic success. With over 300,000 readers in 76 countries, it is ranked among the Top 5% of all social media users and has over 15,000 followers on different social media channels. With the release of their 17th issue, Love Around the World, Connextions has certainly proven that with passion and perseverance, and customer satisfaction, love always win.

Set in a friendly format and featuring images for readers of any age, Connextions Magazine celebrates the life and styles of the lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender (LGBT) community and can be read by anyone regardless of gender orientation. With travels throughout America and beyond, the publication, full of stunning photography, brings personal experiences from gay-friendly destinations and lifestyle interests to readers from around the globe.

Publication highlights include:

– Issues and concerns our LGBT community faces

– Local professionals making a difference

– Celebrations of culture and integrity

– Businesses that make a profound impact on our daily lives

– The best of restaurants, travel destinations, and nightlife for the LGBT community

– Gay-friendly family travel

– Upcoming events, fashion, music and product reviews

Connextions Magazine is available in digital format, targeting readership to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities and their allies. We offer a unique design, fabulous layouts, and show-stopping photography, along with editorial content to enlighten, inspire, educate and inform. This latest issue is free and can be read on

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