Leonardo and Michelangelo to be discovered with Quiiky gay tours, an exclusive way to have a tour in Italy

Two tours following in the footsteps of the two greatest artists of the Italian Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. Two different towns to choose: Rome with its eternal beauty, and Milan, the fashion Capital, hosting Expo 2015. Just one relationship that links one to the other: the homosexuality of the two artists. Two itineraries through the Renaissance mentality, a way to travel deep inside this flourish time born in Italy and still living in Italians in some way.

Pope Francis and his step forward on gay rights has brought back many gay people to the Churchsays Alessio Virgili CEO and Founder of Quiiky, the tour operator organizer of these tours. “His open mind is almost revolutionary and gay people seem to have appreciated it. Even the Vatican Museums has registered a high presence of a lgbt audience in the recent period.” Continues Virgili.

Now, for the first time, with Quiiky tours it is possible to admire Michelangelo and Leonardo works and paintings, getting knowledge of their private homosexual life, that had so much influenced their way of making art. Gay friendly and well-informed guides lead you through the Vatican Museums in Rome and the locations linked to Leonardo’s life in Milan, to examine how much their works reflect their way of thinking and their beauty conception.

Starting from Rome and the Vatican Museums, Quiiky gay friendly tours help you to notice many interesting details the classic history of art has always ignored. For instance the Belvedere Apollo’s that inspired Michelangelo for the young Jesus, because is harmonious like a ‘twink’, a young homosexual guy with an effeminate look. In Sistine Chapel, inside the most important painting in the world, the “Giudizio Universale”, you will discover in heaven same-sex guys kissing each other to celebrate their assumption.

In Leonardo’s paintings you will have surprises as well. Just notice the face of John the Baptist in his portrait and in the Last Supper, an effeminate face clearly painted on the model of Salaì, the young disciple who worked with Leonardo. It seems that the genius had a very close relationship with this guy “keeping me fool” he uses to say in his scripts. In the Last Supper you will find items on this kind of relationship, transposed in the characters of Jesus and St. John, the favorite apostle of Jesus.

There are many hidden and not hidden particulars such as these ones, most of them even unknown by most of the people. In Renaissance period, homosexuality was usual so why we have to hide it, after centuries? The experience of a tour showing clearly also these details represents a brand new way to understand the real art.

The initiative comes from an idea of Quiiky, the first Italian gay friendly tour operator.

Quiiky is a trademark of Sonders & Beach tourism company and his CEO Alessio Virgili is the italian ambassador of the IGLTA and the President of the Italian Association of Gay Tourism.

Quiiky Website www.quiiky.com


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