Travel Highlights in New Jersey

Connextions Magazine Issue 10Connextions Magazine has released their latest issue, featuring gay-friendly travel, businesses, and people of interest.  Read the digital issue or subscribe to receive the print magazine.  Read online here:

Features inside the latest issue:

Gay Family Travel
– Learn of the joy and the struggles as proud gay parents travel for the first time as a family of four.

Travel highlights
– Read about our favorite destinations in New Jersey
– Get the inside scoop on Palm Springs.
– What is the Atlantic City 6?  Find out inside!
– Travel abroad with recommendations from Carlos Melia

– Transgender vs transhumanism
– A tribute to Fashion Week

– Surviving and managing several social media accounts

Health & Wellness
– Maria shares her dose of inspiration and answers the question “Why you shouldn’t ask why”
– Learn how small changes instead of big resolutions make for a healthier YOU

Books & Music
– Reviews of the musical talents of Josh Dubovie & Derek Bishop
– The Rainbow Plantation – A page-turning book that leaves you searching for a sequel


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