The History of Pride and Equality

Pride 2011 Year in Review

Millions of people gather annually to celebrate equality and be proud.  Gatherings take place in cities, large and small, all across America.  Pride Organizations, many made up of  volunteers, take precious time out of their busy schedules to organize these events.  Connextions appreciates the efforts of these Organizations, their staff, and the volunteers, who make it possible for the LGBT community to be OUT and proud.

Connextions Magazine is working to complete the “Pride 2012 Year In Review” publication and we are looking for info and photos from Pride Organizations and volunteers who attended any US Pride Festivals, in order to document the history of Pride.

For submission guidelines, please feel free to view the “Pride 2011 – Year In Review” publication, click to:

For a look into the past, where the idea of pride parades began, and the individuals to whom we owe a debt of gratitude, check out the special feature “Stonewall In Retrospect”, brought to us by Urban Molecule.

Stonewall Special Feature COVER


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