Have You Seen HER?

Meet Every LesbianBy: Lilly Chris, Staff Writer

Recently, I was part of the production team of a photo shoot on a luxury yacht for a future issue of Connextions Magazine. This time I was in charge of makeup and hair for the model, so I had some time in between shots, and what else is there to do besides sun bathing – look for girls of course!

We were shooting in the Hamptons, and his time of year, the Hamptons is super busy with people from everywhere. I remember that on a recent pitch-itch (it’s what we call when we get together and talk about story ideas for future issues) we were talking about a dating app for lesbians called HER, so I decided to do some “research” and see who was around me – although I was in the middle of the ocean!

READ FULL ARTICLE on Connextions Magazine: Have You Seen HER? 


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