Turning 30 in Torino!

immagineguida_tglff30_92 piubuiodimezzanotte1_lrThe Torino Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (TGLFF) turns 30 this year –  felice anniversario!Giovanni Minerba has directed all the 30 Festivals which played an increasingly important role in both Italian and the international cinema.  Social, political and economic changes marked the last three decades and the TGLFF every year has been able to read and interpret these changes creating a high-profile cultural moment for everybody and not only for people devoted to the issue. The Torino Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, run since 2005 by the National Film Museum of Torino, takes place with the sponsorship of Mibac – General Directorates in charge of cinematography, of Regione Piemonte and of Comune di Torino, and is part of the schedule of official events of EXPO TO 2015, of Torino, European Capital of Sport 2015 and of Torino Meets Berlino.

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Feature Film Competition (“Ottavio Mai” Award)

  • L’Art de la fugue (The Easy Way Out) by Brice Cauvin (France, 2014, 97’)
  • Drown by Dean Francis (Australia, 2014, 93’)
  • En la gama de los grises (In the Grayscale) by Claudio Marcone (Chile, 2014, 97’)
  • Gardenia – Bevor der letzte Vorhang fällt (Before the Last Curtain Falls) by Thomas Wallner (Germany/Belgium, 2014, 88’)
  • How to Win at Checkers (Every Time) by Josh Kim (Thailandia/Usa/Indonesia, 2015, 81’)
  • Kasal (The Commitment) by Joselito Altarejos (Philippines, 2014, 110’)
  • Vestido de novia (His Wedding Dress) by Marilyn Solaya (Cuba/Spain, 2014, 102’)
  • While You Weren’t Looking by Catherine Stewart (South Africa, 2015, 104’)
  • Zomer (Summer) by Colette Bothof (Holland, 2014, 86’)

Short Film Competition

  • Aban + Khorshid by Darwin Serink (Usa, 2014, 13’)
  • Aceito (I Do) by Felipe Cabral (Brazil, 2014, 20’)
  • L’autre femme (The Other Woman) by Marie KA (Senegal, 2013, 13’)
  • The Birthday by Daniela Lucato (Germany, 2014, 17’)
  • Dans les yeux (In the Eyes) by Rémi Bigot (France/Russia, 2014, 9’)
  • The Decision by Wahid Sanouji (Holland, 2015, 18’)
  • Dragen (The Kite) by Lasse Nielsen (Denmark/Singapore, 2015, 14’)
  • Éden by Fábio Freitas (Portugal, 2014, 12’)
  • Followers by Tim Marshall (UK/Australia, 2014, 12’)
  • Gabriel by Benjamin Chimoy (Spain/Germany, 2014, 22’)
  • Home by Paul Hasick (Canada, 2013, 14’)
  • Hoover Road by Jonathan Pope Evans (Usa, 2014, 16’)
  • I Am Syd Stone by Denis Theriault (Canada, 2014, 11’)
  • Jellyfish by Rosie Harber (Usa/Singapore/Malaysia/Indonesia, 2014, 12’)
  • Kinabukasan (The Day After) by Adolfo Alix Jr. (Philippines, 2014, 17’)
  • Lazzaro vieni fuori by Lorenzo Caproni (Italy, 2015, 14’)
  • Moiré by Juancho Bañuelos and Estefanía Cortés (Spain, 2014, 15’)
  • No Locked Doors by Shai Blanc (Israel, 2014, 12’)
  • El pastel (The Cake) by Estela Osorio (Spain, 2013, 7’)
  • Reflection by Hazuki Aikawa (Usa, 2014, 24’)
  • Tom in America by Flavio Alves (Usa/Brazil, 2014, 17’)
  • Wannabe by Marco Calabrese (UK, 2014, 12’)

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