Margaritaville in Grand Turk – Is it worth the price?

Margaritaville IMG_6417a

Margaritaville in Grand Turk, B.W.I. – Is it worth the price?

We visited Grand Turk in January 2014.  It was one of the 4 ports of call during our 7-night Carnival cruise.  The island of Grand Turk itself is a stunning vision of the Caribbean, with its turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, exquisite palm trees and perfect year-round temperatures.

Typical with any cruise port stop, there are retail shops, a beach area (which was extremely crowded), outdoor entertainment, and several pools, including a wave pool.

Margaritaville encompasses a large part of this outdoor entertainment/pool/lounge area, so we stopped in to get out of the sun – and have lunch.  Knowing what to expect, since we have visited other Margaritaville restaurants, such as the one in Grand Cayman, we knew the food would be good and the service would be pleasant.  The only shock came, when we received the bill.  I could be wrong, but honestly do not remember our previous bills in the other locations to be this steep of a price.  $14.95 for an appetizer of nachos…?  Really?  At a chain restaurant no less.  (See the entire bill, below).

Yes, we are in a tourist trap location – and on a Caribbean island… therefore, no complaining about the bill is necessary, as it is expected.  So, we paid the bill and left our 20% tip as usual, and continued our journey of Grand Turk exploration.

View the entire bill and all the photos here –>


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