Gay Friendly Seaport City – Mobile, Alabama

David & Paul in Mobile, photo courtesy David Duran
David & Paul in Mobile, photo courtesy David Duran

As featured in Connextions Magazine Issue 13  |  By contributing writer David Duran

What I had walked into was the newest gay bar in Mobile, Alabama, located right in the heart of downtown, and steps away from two others. Flip Side Bar had an oddly familiar feel to it, but I didn’t solve my mystery until my second appearance, when I chatted up the manager Bob Brunsen. I quickly discovered that Bob had been the manager and “man in charge” of the infamous San Francisco, Castro bar, Daddies, now 440. When I lived in San Francisco, the bar was already 440, but maintained most of what Daddies was all about, and was always my go to spot. The same narrow lengthy bar, with generous pours, and great looking staff, are just some of the similarities I was picking up on when I had first entered, but after speaking to Bob, and looking around a bit more, the comparison was uncanny. If Bob was responsible for running one of the most successful bars in San Francisco, then I knew Flip Side was going to stand a good chance. Also, it’s brother bar, B-Bobs, owned by the same team, literally across the parking lot seems to be a local establishment with deep roots and loyal clientele, so the two bars share a lot of the same patronage.
Read all about Alabama’s Seaport City in Connextions Magazine, Issue 13 –>


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