Up to Buffalo

Seneca Niagara Casino
Seneca Niagara Casino

Day 1 of our year long roadtrip across America in an RV.

Date:  10/3/2013   |     Location:  Buffalo, NY     |     By: Joey, co-pilot

It wasn’t much of a trip; at least it didn’t seem so. After all the planning and the work, we took a deep breath and drove.  We did it.  We actually planned for something and executed it, meaning we didn’t get side tracked.  We didn’t find excuses.  We left.  It was that simple.  We left Naperville on October 1st and went on through to Ohio where we spent the night.  I missed a few state line signs, which sucked, but nothing I couldn’t download from the Internet ;-).

Now what?  Drive where?  What was the first thing we were going to do?  How about first we hook up to the Ohio Turnpike Service Center’s power, look around at the facilities and have dinner.  Our first official dinner on the road:  Chicken Picatta with capers, lemon and a white wine garlic sauce.  I of course had the remainder of the wine.  Dinner would not be complete without lit candles.

We were so excited to see the water heater and refrigerator working great while connect to the shore power.  DJ had a frozen cocktail to celebrate our newfound freedom.  This was going to be a great trip.  We could feel it.

The next day we got up, had breakfast along with coffee and tea, and then headed inside to use the facilities (toilets and showers).  When you’re on the road, you use someone else’s facilities as much as possible to conserve water and holding tanks.  This was totally great! Nice hot shower to start the day off! Next stop, Buffalo!

We use an app called Camp & RV by Allstays.  The app tells us all sorts of stuff like where to find overnight parking, low clearance bridges, truck stops and campgrounds.  You get the gist.  It covers a lot.  Literally.

I really had no idea where we were going so I looked up a spot close to Niagara Falls.  Well whaddya know? A casino!  With free parking! Thank you Road Trip Gods! 😀 For whatever reason, I called them and spoke with a gall who said NOT to take the GP recommended course because of a low clearance bridge.  Holy Shit! Thanks.  Didn’t think of that.  Never had to.  She gave me directions and we made it safe and sound to the Seneca Niagara Casino!

We found a parking spot by some other RV’rs and got settled.  Now you know, you can’t park in a casino parking lot without visiting right?  I mean, really.  You have to spend some money at their place in exchange for free parking.  So we headed inside and were greeted by the cutest security guard.  He carded me then handed back my ID with a “Good for you buddy!”  Clearly it was my appearance and age that shocked him.  He totally made my night!

DJ and I laughed about it for a bit.  Ok, the whole night.  We walked around the casino and took in the familiar sights, sounds, and smells.  God how I miss Vegas!  We found the Wheel of Fortune slot machine but DJ was chicken.  We didn’t’ want to spend all our cash on our 2nd stop after all.  So we wandered on.  Then, all of a sudden, the heavens opened up and a bright light shined upon the machine of all machines.  A TRIPLE DOUBLE DIAMOND 25 cent 2 credit MACHINE.  Seriously?  What were the odds?  I mean literally and figuratively!

..In all the towns, in all the world, she walked into mine…

Ok, that was bit much, but for real! My favoritist machine in the entire WORLD!  (Good story, I’ll tell you another time).

DJ asked if I wanted to play it and all I could muster was a smile and finally the word “ok.”  He gave me a 20.  I put it in and started playing max bet.  (You ALWAYS want max bet, right Bobbi?)

I was losing credits fast.  I was down to $5.00, and then I won.  Nothing big just a few credits here and there, but it felt good to hear those bells go off that’s for sure.  Then I was back down.  It didn’t look like I was going to break even. Not even…holy shit! I got a triple, a double and a 7!  The machine started whistling and dinging and the credits climbed to around 300 credits.  I thought DJ was going to faint.  I started laughing.  I said my usual “I’ll just play to __ credits then cash out.”  I won a little more then I started losing…DJ was doing the calculations on the winnings.  I said, “Okay, I’m stopping at 250 credits.”  He says, “That’s $60 bucks!” I cashed out and looked at the ticket and said “It’s $62.50 actually.”  We high-fived which is weird because we never do that.  He snapped a picture of the machine and me holding MY winning ticket.  We went to the cash machine and I cashed out giving DJ $40 and I kept $22.50 as a commission.


After that, DJ had the fever.  “Play again” he says.  “Nah, not this time.  I’m good.” I said.  What?  Where the hell did that come from?  As we were walking through the casino, I came across a nickel machine Wizard of Oz.  Okay.  What gay man can resist the Wizard of Oz anything?  I ended up loosing $7.00 but it was fun.  I even taught a stranger how to play (she ended up winning $80 or so).  Sensibility kicked in again and we headed for the door…goodnight Seneca Niagara Casino!

See where we’re going and where we’ve been –> http://www.connextionsmagazine.com/out-n-about-rv-roadtrip.html




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