Connextions Magazine goes OUT n ABOUT Across America in a Vintage RV


Connextions Magazine is excited to announce the Out N About roadtrip across America. DJ Doran and Joe Morales embark on a year long trek across the USA aboard their 33’ vintage 1979 Bluebird Wanderlodge Motor home, to discover Gay America.

DJ and Joey began their 52-week journey in early October, departing from Chicago. “We will have the chance to experience the USA aboard “Priscilla” in a way that allows us to take our time exploring the places we visit and getting to know the gay and straight people that we meet during our adventure in a much more personal way ” says Doran.

In only a few short weeks, the couple has already discovered the LGBT community in Buffalo, New York while taking in the breathtaking vistas of the Niagara Falls region. They have made some wonderful “Connextions” in the beautiful and LGBT friendly town of Ogunquit, Maine and spent Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts with the Official Queen of Salem, “Marquessa Gigi” as their guide.

After a short holiday break to spend time with family in Upstate New York, the couple will continue down the eastern coastline to Fort Lauderdale Florida to attend the GLBT Expo on December 14th.

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Shelly Straub states: “The Out N About road trip is a great way to explore some of America’s smaller towns and many hidden gems, as well as an opportunity to really connect with our readers in a more personal way.”
With an itinerary that includes wiggle room, upcoming destinations include the possibility of golfing with the gays in Georgia, as well as diner stops along the infamous Route 66, while heading towards LA.

Follow DJ & Joey on the Out N About roadtrip at



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