Gay Couple Departs Chicago For Yearlong Exploration of the USA

Joe Morales (L) and DJ Doran (R) in Syracuse, NY
Joe Morales (L) and DJ Doran (R) in Syracuse, NY

By Shelly Straub, Editor-in-Chief, Connextions Magazine

DJ Doran and Joe Morales embark on a year long trek across the USA aboard their 33’ vintage 1979 Bluebird Wanderlodge Motor home named “Priscilla” to discover Gay America and write a film about their experiences for their web show The Adventures of Joey & DJ.

One of their first stops on this journey that began October 1st, was to the Buffalo and Niagara Falls region of New York.  After picturesque views, a fabulous tour in town, and even a drag show (a first for DJ), they hit the road and continued toward Vermont.

On October 7th, while making their way along an Upstate New York highway, I met up with the traveling couple.  I was given a tour of the vintage diesel-fueled home on wheels, snapped a few photos, and enjoyed conversations about their journey – past, present and future.

The second leg of their tour will be through Vermont and New Hampshire and then down the eastern coastline to Washington DC. From there they will head west to intersect the infamous Route 66 and follow its legendary path to LA before heading north on The Pacific Coast Highway to Oregon and Washington State. The final legs of their adventure will have them zigzagging their way to down from the Pacific Northwest to the Gulf Coast and Florida.

“We will have the chance to experience the USA aboard “Priscilla” in a way that allows us to take our time exploring the places we visit and get to know the gay and straight people that we meet during our adventure in a much more personal way” says Doran.

Out n About TV is a You Tube channel featuring shows from across the globe relating to LGBT Travel and Adventure.  Join the gay duo on their journey via their website or facebook page:   |   http://www.facebook/outnabouttv

Read the full interview and learn more, in the next released Issue of Connextions Magazine.  Available November 1st.

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