Jacada’s Travel Experts Cite Travel Trends for 2014

photo courtesy Jacada Travel
Galapagos Islands, photo courtesy Jacada Travel

Technological Detox, Private Safari Camps, and Zimbabwe Predicted to be Top Picks for Families and Groups Traveling Together in 2014

With the current year winding down, and requests beginning to pile in for 2014 travel bookings, the luxury travel experts at bespoke, private guided tour company, Jacada Travel (www.JacadaTravel.com), have polled their team of experts to determine what travelers will be seeking most in the coming year from their experiences abroad.

The Result? Families and groups of friends traveling together without a doubt want more ­- more cultural immersion, more educational stimulation, and, of course, more bang for their buck. Here are the top trends the trip designers at Jacada have observed and predict to be of key importance in the coming year:

1.     Detox from Technology

Less time in front of a computer/ mobile phone screen, means more time bonding with each other and taking in the breathtaking sites on any trip. Requests for remote locations where clients can disconnect from all technology are at an all time high; destinations like Tanzania, Mozambique, Costa Rica and Mexico offer perfect trips near and far for those wanting to unplug, and Jacada¹s recently launched ³tech detox² series of tours offers personalized itineraries to all three destinations, which can all be tailored to the client¹s desires.

2.     Zimbabwe ­ Africa¹s Less Traveled Gem

More families are looking beyond the popular countries of South Africa and Kenya when planning their 2014 safaris. Zimbabwe¹s largest national park – Hwangwe National Park and Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve (one of the best places in all of Africa to see large concentrations of Black Rhino) offer ideal destinations for game watching, and it¹s no wonder this country is expected to grow in popularity for 2014.

3.     Galapagos ­ Go Beyond the Cruise

It¹s no secret that Ecuador¹s Galapagos Islands are on many people¹s bucket lists, but demand for more time on the ground of the islands is growing. More families are opting to stay on land longer at the Galapagos Safari Camp rather than just cruise by the islands, to obtain the most educationally enriching experience possible on the islands.

4.     Private Safari Camps

For larger sized families traveling together, total exclusivity for daily excursions and game drives and complete accommodation privacy for maximum bonding time is key, so the rental of camp houses on an exclusive basis for one group/ family is growing in demand. Camps like the Ngare Serian in the Maasai Mara and Tarkuni Private House in the Kalahari can be rented exclusively for an entire family and make for ideal settings to spend time with family in between game watching, without outside interruptions.

5.     Responsible Tourism

Travelers are becoming more and more aware of their impact on local cultures when they go overseas, and this growing awareness has arisen a demand for tourism that is non-disruptive of culture. Camps that support local community initiatives like Lapa Rios in Costa Rica, Huaorani in Ecuador, Tswalu in South Africa, and Ngorongoro Crater Lodge in Tanzania, are just a few places to opt for in Latin America and Africa if responsible tourism and cultural immersion is at the top of your travel agenda.

6.     Trips that Stimulate

It¹s no longer enough for families and groups to see the sites, and capture them in photos. More travelers are seeking an enriching experience that will help shape their outlook on life, especially for kids that come along on the trips. Stays at Serian in Kenya that offer kids the opportunity to walk with the Masaai Mara, learn about their way of life, and sleep out under the stars in nature, are becoming more popular than ever before for family travel.

7.     Less Time, More Value: Personalized, Seamless Travel

With the volatility of the global economy, people want more bang for their buck when it comes to travel. Travelers have less time to take off and that means no time for making wrong turns on the ground; therefore, personalized private-guided travel requests have grown even more this year with more growth predicted for 2014. Travelers are seeking the knowledge and support of a trip designer to guide their planning process and trip, and are no longer settling for a basic trip template ­ they want a trip that¹s tailor made to their interests with seamless execution on the ground.

About Jacada Travel:

Jacada Travel is the go-to expert in personalized private-guided luxury travel to Latin America and Africa. Founded in 2008 by Alex Malcolm, Jacada Travel offers unique and inspired itineraries for travelers seeking a truly personal travel experience with discreet, attentive service from start to finish. Jacada¹s expert travel designers can offer clients a one-of-a-kind insider¹s guide to South America and Africa ­ from quaint vineyard hotel stays in Mendoza, Amazon tribe encounters in Peru, and archaeologist-guided private tours of the Makgadikgadi Pans in Botswana, to secluded beachfront villa stays on the private islands of Mozambique, Jacada helps travelers make the most of their time away. For more information on Jacada Travel and to browse all of their itineraries, please visit: www.JacadaTravel.com.

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