Hotel Harrington in Washington DC – A good choice for your trip on a budget

hotel harrington

Washington, D.C.’s longest running, family owned accommodation, Hotel Harrington is a good choice if your trip to DC includes children.

Open since 1914, and still owned by family of the original founders, this hotel is centrally located for ease in walking to the many of the sites, such as the Capitol, the White House and Pennsylvania

There are 242 guest rooms, including 26 deluxe family rooms. Included within the hotel, is a full-service restaurant, a bar, a diner/buffet type restaurant, and a gift shop. You can also book tours from within the hotel.

Rates are around $170 per night for a room with a double bed, or if you prefer the deluxe family room, you’re looking at around $200 per night. If you are thinking to yourself right now that this is too expensive, go ahead and check out some of the other hotels in the DC area, Harrington Hotel is very moderately priced!  NOTE: offers a coupon for $129.00 per night!

If you understand that you are paying for prime location and not quality, you won’t be disappointed.  The hotel is one of the oldest in the city so the rooms are small and it’s a bit outdated, however it is clean and the staff is friendly.   The kids certainly won’t mind old doorknobs and outdated bedspreads.  No one ever uses the bedspread in a hotel anyway, right?

To see the photos from our stay, click here.

Connextions Magazine recently featured travel to Washington DC in Issue 8.  Click here to view.


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